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if yes then check out the list below to find all the recipe made by us in food with creation.
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Garlicky Palak Paneer rice with Palak Raita
 Herbed Chicken Cutlet
Pani puri
Choco Jowar Truffle
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Clear Chicken Soup
Chutney Chicken Masala
Chicken Pasta
Chana Masala
Gram Masala Powder

Garlic Herby Crispy Fried Chicken
Hara Masala

Chicken 65
Chicken Pulao
Chicken Keema Quiche
Mint Chutney
Street Style Toast Vegetable Sandwich
Noodle fritters
Potato Sesame Stirred Fry
Cabbage Chana Sabzi
Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup

Coconut Choco Balls
Kasuri Pepper Chicken 
Lemon  Squash
Coconut Chutney
Medu vada
Popcorn Chicken
Russian Chicken Pasta Salad
Cheesy Chicken Masala
Chicken Shami kebab
Chicken Crunch Strip

Sweet Potato Fritters
Chicken Fry


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