Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup

Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup
Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup
Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup is very refreshing, healthy dessert, formulated by me. it has some mixture of extraordinary flavours like spinach, carrot and bananas. I have made a recipe for the project in mainly formulated for those small little brats in your houses who show tantrums for eating those vegetables. so the aim of this recipe is to give your kids good nutritional dessert that they love to eat and also helps you to make them eat these healthy vegetables without the stress of running after them to make them eat. Also, it has the goodness of calcium and β-carotene (precursor of vitamin A), which are very potential for the development vision, bones and teeth of growing children. so what are you waiting for, Let's start making Creamy Triple Yogurt cup?


130g Spinach

50g Banana

300g Pineapple


100g Sugar

500g Curd

10g agar powder/sheet

200g Milk powder

30g Chocolate chips


 Step 1; Preparation Of Flavors

  • Spinach and banana flavour: Blanch the spinach and blend with banana and 30g sugar in a grinder until the smooth, sieve through a strainer to skip any coarse particles and keep the mixture aside.
  • Carrot flavour: Blend grated carrot with 30g sugar and 100ml water in a grinder till fine particle.
  • Then strain it with a muslin cloth to extract all the possible juices coming out, keep this mixture aside.
  • Pineapple flavour: Chop the pineapple into small pieces and cook/caramelize them with 40g sugar. Then blend them into a smooth puree in a grinder and sieve through a strainer to remove any traces of chunk or fibre.
  • When all the flavours are ready. Make the Agar concoction by boiling 10g agar powder/sheet in 300ml of water, well.
  •  Now, add 100ml of agar concoction in each flavour and mix well, leave it to set
  • After the mixtures are set, whip each of them again using a hand blender or whipper until all the mixtures become smooth, thick, pasty consistency.

     Step 2: Preparation Of Hung Curd/Yoghurt Mixture.

    • Take curd in a muslin cloth and hung it for about 6-7 hours in the refrigerator using a deep vessel and strainer.
    •  After all the whey has drained out from the curd, take them in a big bowl/vessel and smooth them using whipper.
    •  Now, add milk powder in the curd mixture and divide the mixture among 150g, 150g, and 90g batches respectively.

    Step 3: Combining The Flavours And Curd Mixture.

    • Mix the curd mixture with flavour using cut n fold method as follows:

     90g: spinach and banana flavour.

    150g: carrot flavour

    150g: pineapple flavour.

    •  Now let them cool in the refrigerator for 5-10 minute
    •  After the flavoured mixtures are little chilled, remove them in a piping bag and pipe them out in layers into the clean, dry cups.
    • Then sprinkle chocolate chip on them and cool them in the refrigerator.
    • The creamy triple yoghurt cup is ready to consume when chilled.


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