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Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup

Creamy Triple Yogurt Cup is very refreshing, healthy dessert, formulated by me. it has some mixture of extraordinary flavours like spinach, carrot and bananas. I have made a recipe for the project in mainly formulated for those small little brats in your houses who show tantrums for eating those vegetables. so the aim of this recipe is to give your kids good nutritional dessert that they love to eat and also helps you to make them eat these healthy vegetables without the stress of running after them to make them eat. Also, it has the goodness of calcium and β-carotene (precursor of vitamin A), which are very potential for the development vision, bones and teeth of growing children. so what are you waiting for, Let's start making Creamy Triple Yogurt cup?

INGREDIENTS130g Spinach50g Banana300g Pineapple400gCarrot100g Sugar500g Curd10g agar powder/sheet200g Milk powder30g Chocolate chips
METHOD OF PREPARATIONStep 1; Preparation Of Flavors Spinach and banana flavour: Blanch t…

Choco Jowar Truffles

This recipe is a come out of mind when i have just joined my degree college, It is healthy option for cheat meal for  the people who are in diets amd a good trick to give a nutritious treats to your kids.It is fiber and protein rich which make a little healthier option then other truffle and sweetmeals.

Jowar(soaked)                         1 cup Cardamom powder                  2 tsp          Kesar                                       1 tsp Milk                                         1/2 cup Milk powder                            1 tbsp Ghee                                        1 tbsp Salt                                          a pinch  nuts                                         handful(chopped) Sugar                                       1/2 cup Dark chocolate                        500g
Method Pressure cooked the jowar till soft and grind them in thick smooth paste.Now in pan heat ghee(clarified butter) ,add chopped nuts,cardamom powder,Kesar,sugar, salt, milk powder and jo…