Choco Jowar Truffles

Choco Jowar Truffles
Choco Jowar Truffles

This recipe is a come out of mind when i have just joined my degree college, It is healthy option for cheat meal for  the people who are in diets amd a good trick to give a nutritious treats to your kids.It is fiber and protein rich which make a little healthier option then other truffle and sweetmeals.


Jowar(soaked)                         1 cup
Cardamom powder                  2 tsp         
Kesar                                       1 tsp
Milk                                         1/2 cup
Milk powder                            1 tbsp
Ghee                                        1 tbsp
Salt                                          a pinch
 nuts                                         handful(chopped)
Sugar                                       1/2 cup
Dark chocolate                        500g


  • Pressure cooked the jowar till soft and grind them in thick smooth paste.
  • Now in pan heat ghee(clarified butter) ,add chopped nuts,cardamom powder,Kesar,sugar, salt, milk powder and jowar paste Saute for 5-6 minutes.
  • Then add milk and mix well and cook for few more minute and keep aside the mixture to cool.
  • Now melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
  • Then put some melted chocolate in the  silicon mould to make a covering of truffle and leave it set in refrigerator.
  • After the is set fill the truffle with the jowar mixture and cover it with more melted chocolate and leave to set in refrigerator.
  • The truffle are ready to after setting just remove from the silicon mould and serve.


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