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Dark Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate is made from tropical theobroma cocoa tree seeds. Which is fermented and then roasted to develop the distinctively rich, indulging aroma and flavour Chocolate is one of the most popular food products worldwide that is loved and enjoyed by millions from children's to adults everyone loves to indulge in chocolate. Chocolate is also a way of expressing your emotions... To Some, it's a gifting option for small to big occasions... To some, it's a way to start happy moments...To some, it's a Stressbuster and much more. Chocolate is one of the most versatile ingredients   with goes well with pretty much everything from ice cream to pudding to cakes to cookies to sandwiches to pancakes and many more  Today in this blog I will be sharing my story with chocolate in a glass full of happiness 😍😍 In today's recipe, I will by using chocolates from BeeTee's Melt Chocolates. They are a bean to bar chocolate manufacturers from Chennai.  Their chocolates are complete

Coconut Choco Balls

Coconut Choco Balls Coconut choco balls are a simple, easy recipe. Just needed some few ingredients and the delicious dessert is ready to fulfil your sweet tooth. It is made to take less time thus can be great for family get-together & parties. As you knew how our Indian families are you can make this and can impress your whole family. The detailed recipe with all the measurement is given below and also the video . Let make the coconut choco balls. Ingredients 2 cup of coconut powder 1 cup sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 milk powder 1-2 pinches salt Half sliced almonds for garnish Method of Preparation Heat a pan, add coconut powder and roast it until golden in colour. After the coconut powder in golden in colour, add cocoa powder, milk powder, salt and mix well. Then take a mixing bowl, add sweetened condensed milk and coconut mix we made before and mix them all together until all the mixture and condensed milk is combined. Now, make sm

Choco Jowar Truffles

Choco Jowar Truffles This recipe is a come out of mind when i have just joined my degree college, It is healthy option for cheat meal for  the people who are in diets amd a good trick to give a nutritious treats to your kids.It is fiber and protein rich which make a little healthier option then other truffle and sweetmeals. Ingredients Jowar(soaked)                          1 cup Cardamom powder                  2 tsp          Kesar                                       1 tsp Milk                                         1/2 cup Milk powder                            1 tbsp Ghee                                        1 tbsp Salt                                          a pinch  nuts                                         handful (chopped) Sugar                                       1/2 cup Dark chocolate                        500g Method Pressure cooked the jowar till soft and grind them in thick smooth paste. Now in pan heat ghee(clarifi