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Chocolate Truffles

A Chocolate Truffle is the easiest desserts. I have ever made although it is also the Messy one's...😅But I am sure you love this recipe I am sharing today just needed 2 ingredients that's it ....easy peasy.These chocolate truffles are great for small parties, get-to-gathers, and festive occasion.They are very delicious, lip-smacking, smooth, rich and indulging dessert. These Chocolate truffles are the most popular trend in the world of social media and hence try my hand on these.So Yes, I am trying these recipe first time ever .....And the results are absolutely deliciously awesome 😋... But I do have a little difficulty as it becomes very very sticky at the end ...but you know it's worth it for these heavenly delicious little creatures...😘Do try this recipe and share your pictures on my social media or tag me there Links here:Instagram FacebookPinterest 
Ingredients 1-1/2 Cup Cocoa Powder 1 Cup Condensed Milk 
Method of Preparation Take a saucepan and warm the condensed m…