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Crispy Sesame Cauliflower

Crispy Sesame Cauliflower  Crispy sesame cauliflower is a simple yet delicious recipe, very easy to make and perfect to eat at tea time, snack time, or even can be a good recipe for iftar during Ramadan, This recipe is also great for small get- to- gathers and parties, especially during the rainy season.  Having a hot cup of tea with this yummy delicious crispy cauliflower while relaxing and admiring the rain from your balcony or window with a mild, pleasant smell of soil ........😊💦 Moreover, cauliflower and sesame are very nutritious sources of vitamin B and E also have natural dietary fats and fiber good for your health. To make this recipe healthier switch to air frying or baking these florets.  Remember if you have acidity problems then don't overeat because it may cause gas in your gut as it is a cruciferous vegetable.  Preparation time : 20-30 min Cooking time : 10-15 min Serves : 4-5 people Ingredients  300-400 g cauliflower florets  1 cup bread crumbs  1 tbsp black sesame