Shahi Chicken Gravy

Shahi Chicken Gravy
Shahi Chicken Gravy 

Shahi Chicken Gravy is a simple yet delicious recipe, very easy to make and all the ingredients are easily available in Indian markets. This recipe is our favourite and love to eat with rotis, butter naans and even with rice, it tastes just amazing with everything. The simplicity of the dish catches my heart and I know it will take your heart to. This recipe is actually a one-pot recipe so there hassle of cleaning utensils after cooking and this what makes this recipe my favourite
I used to make this shahi Chicken gravy when I feel tired and not in the mood of cooking. It is very easy and simple let with the recipe.


400 g Chicken
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1/2 tbsp hara masala
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tbsp Chicken tandoori masala
1tbsp Kashmiri red chilly powder
1 tsp gram masala
Salt to taste
1 cup curd
3 tbsp oil

Method of preparation

  • In a kadhai, add Chicken, ginger-garlic paste, hara masala, turmeric powder, chicken tandoori masala, Kashmiri red chilly powder, garam masala and salt mix this well.
  • Then add curd and oil mix very well.
  • Leave the Chicken in the marinade for about 30- 60 minutes in the marination minimum.
  • Now places the Kadhai on the stove with high-medium flame and cook the chicken for 10 minutes without stirring in a closed lid.
  • After 10 min gives it a quick stir and cook for more 10 min or until the oil comes up and the gravy thickens a bit.
  • Switch off the stove and the shahi Chicken gravy is ready
  • Serve it with rotis, naan or rice.


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