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Moong Dal Pakode(Fritters)

Moong Dal Pakode Moong Dal Pakode(Fritters)are crispy, crunchy delicious tea time snack in India and one of the famous street foods. This a type of Fritters made up of Bengal gram and mildly spiced snack. Also made during iftar time in Ramadan. The recipe is very simple and easy to make and less time consuming with few ingredients which are easily available at home. We made this mostly during Ramadan as a vegetarian option in our iftar menu. Eating hot moong dal Pakode with cold ketchup 😋 yum yum.... sounds weird but this what I like to eat these delicious Fritters. I hope you too will like this recipe as much as I do. Moong dal Pakode is great options for various occasions like kids parties,  small kitty parties, and get to gathers. Also, a great options for vegetarians and vegans out there to munch on. If you tried this recipe please let me how it came out to you in the comment section and also share your recipe pic with me by email or dm/tag me on Instagram or Facebook  Also if yo

Besan ka cheela

Besan ka Cheela or Indian pancake or gram flour pancake or vegetarian omelette call it... whatever you want. It is a popular Indian breakfast recipe. Which is very easy and simple to make and also a healthy option to kickstart your day. Although the recipe I am sharing today is very simple with few veggies, but you can add any vegetables of your choice to make it more nutritious and filling. The besan cheela can also be a quick snack for tea time and also a good option for tiffin box. It's easy to sneak in some veggies to kids meal and give a good healthy snack. You have besan cheela with mint chutney or tomato ketchup or even with curd. It's just delicious. As I saw in many recipes online takes besan directly but I prefer my gram flour to be roasted first so that I didn't get any raw flavour of besan. So it's ok if you don't roast the flour if you don't want but I suggest roast it because it gives a unique flavour to besan ka cheela which make it really