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Garlicky palak paneer rice with palak raita

garlicky palak paneer rice with palak raita Garlicky palak paneer rice with palak raita  is very easy to make and full of nutritious goodness your kid will love this .so give your kid the best and make them as soon as possible Ingredients for rice   Spinach          100g (blanched n pureed) Boiled rice     1.1/2 cup Paneer            150g(cut in cubes) Tomatoes       1(chopped) Onions           1(chopped) Garlic             8-9 cloves (chopped) Salt                 to taste  Parsley           1-2 tsp Oil                  2 tbsp  Method of preparation Heat oil in the pan, add paneer cubes n fry till golden brown, remove n keep aside. Now add green chillies, garlic and saute for 1 min and add onions and cook till light brown. Then add tomatoes and cook well for 2 min.    Now add spinach puree, salt and cook till oil separates. Then add rice n mix well, add fried paneer, Parsley mix well n  cook for a 1 min. Serve hot with raita. 

Garlic Herby Crispy Fried Chicken

"Who doesn't like crispy fried chicken so today  I'm sharing my version of the fried chicken recipe with a little twist   of garlic and herbs, Hope you will try the recipe and tell me how it comes to you in the comment box below." Also to get notified when I publish a new recipe ......follow me by email. Ingredients 500 g   Chicken 3 tbsp  Garlic paste 3 tsp    Dried mixed herbs 2 tsp    Black pepper powder 1 tsp    Soy sauce 2 tbsp  Green chilly sauce Salt     to taste 2 tbsp  Refined flour(maida) 2 tbsp  Cornflour 3 tbsp  Bread crumbs 2 tbsp  semolina (Rava) Oil      for deep frying Method To Marinate chicken, add garlic paste,  dried mixed herbs, black pepper, soy sauce, green chilly sauce, Salt mix it well and keep for 1-2 hours for marinating. After that add cornflour and refined flour and mix well (If mixture becomes too stiff add a little water ). Now, mix bread crumbs, semolina, salt in a plate. And coat chicken pieces into wi