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Garlicky palak paneer rice with palak raita

Garlicky palak paneer rice with palak raita  is very easy to make and full of nutritious goodness your kid will love this .so give your kid the best and make them as soon as possible

Ingredients for rice Spinach          100g (blanched n pureed) Boiled rice     1.1/2 cup Paneer            150g(cut in cubes) Tomatoes       1(chopped) Onions           1(chopped) Garlic             8-9 cloves (chopped) Salt                 to taste 
Parsley           1-2 tsp Oil                  2 tbsp 
Method of preparation
Heat oil in the pan, add paneer cubes n fry till golden brown, remove n keep aside.Now add green chillies, garlic and saute for 1 min and add onions and cook till light brown.Then add tomatoes and cook well for 2 min. Now add spinach puree, salt and cook till oil separates.Then add rice n mix well, add fried paneer, Parsley mix well n  cook for a 1 min.Serve hot with raita.  Ingredients for spinach raita Curd                 100g  Spinach            7-8 big leaves( blanched n chopped ) Salt       …