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Ragada Ragada is Indian street food popular in Mumbai and Gujarat it is also very famous as Ragada patties which is basically Ragada served with aloo Tikki(potato cake). Ragada is made up of cooked white vatana with tangy paste and spices. This Ragada recipe is our family's favourite during the month of Ramadan while opening the fast. This recipe is very versatile and easy to make it also makes your stomach full feeling. The flavourful Aroma of fried onion and fresh green coriander leaves topped on this Ragada is breathtaking and tangy you flavour is delicious. This Ragada recipe is good for various Life occasions like evening tea time kitty parties small kids party family get together and many more. I hope you love this recipe try this out soon and let me know how it comes to you in a comment box below and also don't forget to like and subscribe food with creation Ingredients 2 cups white vatana 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 small onion (sliced) 2 teaspoon cori