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  Shakshuka is a traditional breakfast food in Israel and throughout the Middle East. But in my perception, it would be great to have at any time of the day. This Mediterranean One- skillet, slowly cooked recipe is prepared in a juicy, spicy, tangy tomato sauce with eggs poached in the sauce I have made this recipe with my Indian touch, therefore goes great with rotis, pav, dal-rice etc. This is the simplest recipe of all time. And my family loves to eat this with dal-rice. It is one of the delicious comfort foods on our weekly menu. It is not only delicious but also   nutritious and filling high in good quality proteins and several vital vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D etc. Hope you all like this recipe. Please let me know how your outcomes, thoughts etc on this recipe is. And if you tried the recipe don’t forget to share your photos on social media and tag me on that. Get in touch with me on: Facebook   Instagram  Pinterest  Preparation Time : 10-20 min Cooking Time :