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Russian Chicken Cutlets

Russian Chicken Cutlets are a very famous appetizer in India and Pakistan. It is a delicious lip-smacking cutlet made up of lots of vegetables, species, and boneless chicken Especially made during Ramadan and events like wedding, reception, small birthday parties, get-to-gathers etc.   I learn this recipe from my mom. When I am small used to help my mom to make oval-shaped cutlets and coat them with vermicelli but now I learned it and I am sure it’s not as good as my mom’s  as you know moms are the best in my family these cutlets are made during iftars and family gathering. If y ou tried this recipe please let me how it came out to you in the comment section and also share your recipe pic with me by email or dm me on Instagram  or Facebook Also if you have any queries or want me to make any recipe let me know by email or any social media platforms and if you loved my recipes please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Preparation time :10-20 min Cooking tim e: 20-30 m