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Gram masala powder

"Gram masala is a heart of Indian cooking and therefore here is my recipe of gram masala which I use my recipes, its is aromatic, flavourful spice mix gives your food a delicious smell and taste , so why to buy from shops which are loaded with preservatives ....just made in ur home a wholesome, fresh and doubt free gram masala"IngredientsGreen cardamom        5g
Black pepper                5g
Cloves                           5g
Coriander seeds          30g
Cumin                           20g
Bay leaves                   10-5 leaves
Fennel seed                 10g
Cinnamon                    10g
Big cardamoms          1-2
Mace                             few strands
Poppy seeds(optional) 5g

MethodDry roast cumin, coriander seeds, poppy seeds and fennel seeds.Then grind all the ingredients above together in fine powder. Sieve the powder and it ready to use.Store it in an airtight glass jar. 
Note: you can store the masala in air-tight containers for 9-8 months.