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Lemon Squash

Lemon Squash Lemon squash is a refreshing, soothing drink. This recipe is very easy and needs a few ingredients. I have used critic acid(Nimbu Phool) to increase its shelf life a bit longer. You can get this any grocery store easily. This lemon squash tastes good as like as market bought lemon squash. It is great for summers and very handy in the month Ramadhan. Make this lemon squash with proud without taking stress about the class 2 preservative added in the market store brought squash. You can also use this squash to make other refreshing drinks like a mojito, mint margarita etc... So let's start making this wonderful squash . Ingredient  3 cups of sugar 1 cup of water 2 cups lemon juice (fresh) 4-5 tsp salt 1tbsp citric acid (Nimbu Phool) Method of Preparation In a saucepan, add sugar and water, turn on the flame on high and mix well until the sugar granules are completely dissolved and the liquid start to show little bubbles. Now add in the lemon juice mix